Aurelius Augustine of Hippo


Paolo Caressa, 2005

354 Born in Tagaste (Numidia) on November 13, son of Patritius, owner of a small landed estate, and of Monica, a christian.
361-367 Moves to Madaura for his secondary scholls, until he has to give up for economic difficulties.
369-373 With the help of a family' friend, Romanianus, resumes his studies in Carthago, in the important rhetoric school. When his studies end, again for economical reasons, he cannot pursue his will to continue his philosophical studied in Alexandria, and he comes back to Tagaste to teach rhetoric and grammar. He is strongly influenced by the reading of Cicero's Hortensius (a lost work).
371 He takes a concubine from whom he has a son, Adeodatus. In this period adheres to Manichaeism.
374-383 He teachs in Carthago with great success, until he decide to move to Rome, followed by some frieds, fmor his mother and from Adeodatus. In this period is strongly influenced by the classical thought, through the reading of Plato and Plotinus.
385-386 After a deep intimate crisis and mystical reflection, he decides to adhere to Christianity: he give up with teaching and he retires in Cassiciaco (north of Italy).
387 He is baptized in Milan, by the bishop Ambrose. He decides to come back to Africa (first in Carthago, next in Tagaste): along the way, in Ostia, his mother dies.
388 He sell out his estate and retire himself as a cenobite.
391 in Hippo, were he found a cloister, faithfuls invoke his appointment to priest.
395-396 He is designed "assistant bishop" and, after bishop Valerius death, bishop of Hippo, a position he will hold until his death.
430 After having conquered fame as spiritual guide for all Christian world (often for his controversies against pagans, pelagians, etc.), he dies in Hippo, while Vandals keep the city under siege.

Main works

386 Contra Academicos, De beata vita, De ordine.
387 De immortalitate animae.
388-395 Contra manicheos, De libero arbitrio.
389-391 De magistro, De vera religione.
400 Confessiones.
400-415 De trinitate.
415 De genesi ad litteram.
415-426 De civitate dei.
427 Retractationes.

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